Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen: Exhibitions & Projects: Spitzhacke

Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen: Exhibitions & Projects: Spitzhacke

The ground plan of the main floor consists of an oblong hall with rounded corners. While the Banqueting Hall takes up two storeys, the space above the apartments in the south annex houses small, comfortable rooms destroyed in The basement accommodates the bath itself, the heating room, a kitchen and additional bathing rooms. The Banqueting Hall boasts some magnificent stucco work and ceiling frescoes Jacopo Amigoni, destroyed in , subsequently restored. Its pictorial programme relates to the element of water, drawing on Classical mythology. The bath is also sumptuously decorated with Dutch tiling to the lower area and scagliola plates to the upper, with a gallery and a ceiling painting depicting fountain motifs. The Electors’ Apartments are fitted with wall panelling, mirror ornaments and a ceiling painted with monkey scenes, but are particularly notable for the Chinese wallpaper in each of the four rooms. As a bathing pavilion, the Badenburg belongs to a long tradition dating back to the opulent baths of the Roman emperors while also including elements of the Islamic bathing culture.

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Bei einem Modell des Pietisten Hahn handelt es sich um eine Uhr mit Kalender, die die Zeit bis zur Apokalypse anzeigt, kombiniert mit synchronisierter helio- und geozentrischer Weltmaschine. Diese wurde erst nach dem Tod Hahns fertiggestellt. Je nachdem, welche Himmelsobjekte dargestellt wurden, unterscheidet man zwischen verschiedenen Sonderformen wie Tellurium oder Jovilabium. Mit einem Tellurium lassen sich die Entstehung der Jahreszeiten, Mondphasen und Finsternisse veranschaulichen.

Ein Orrery von Robert Brettell Bate , circa

The Kassites first invaded Babylonia in the middle of the 18th century B.C. and by the 16th century B.C. had conquered the entire country (the Kassite Dynasty ruled from to B.C.). The Kassite Period in the history of Babylonia has not been studied extensively.

They were first mentioned in historical texts as occupying the W Iranian plateau. In the 18th cent. The name is sometimes given to the whole civilization of S Mesopotamia, including the states established by the city rulers of Lagash, Akkad or Agade , Uruk, and Ur in the 3d millennium B. Click the link for more information. They remained more or less independent until the beginning of the Christian era, when they disappeared from history.

Kassites also Kossaioi; Akkadian, Kashshi , ancient mountain tribes that lived in the Zagros Mountains western Iran , in what is now Luristan, during the second and first millennia B. The problem of their ethnic affiliation remains unresolved.

Monheim am Rhein

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See Article History Alternative Title: Hesse Hessen, also spelled Hesse, Land state in the west-central part of Germany. Its capital is Wiesbaden. Area 8, square miles 21, square km. FrankfurtFrankfurt am Main, Ger. Geography Hessen lies between the Upper Rhine Plateau to the west and the Thuringian Forest to the east and consists mainly of richly wooded uplands. The Hessen Central Uplands contain the conical masses of the volcanic Vogels Mountains Vogelsberg , which are the largest continuous basalt area in Europe, covering some square miles 2, square km.

The Spessart Forest and the Odenwald both belong in part to Hessian territory. The northern part of Hessen is drained by the northward-flowing Fulda River and its tributary the Eder. Most of the rest of the state is drained westward by rivers that are tributaries of the Main and Rhine rivers. Beeches and conifers cover the highlands, and cultivated land lies on the limestone uplands and on the loess soils of the river lowlands. The majority of the population is Protestant, and most of the remainder is Roman Catholic.

The state is well wooded, and small-scale farming is still widespread, although much marginal farmland has been abandoned.

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You can focus your search to immigration records dating from that era. Name History and Origin for Kassel You can also find out where the majority of Kassel families were living during the 19th century. Distribution of Kassel Families in the US in Distribution of Kassel Families in the US in

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dOCUMENTA (13): With reference to the concepts of “Collapse and Recovery,” Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev focused her exhibition on both the history of Kassel and the history of documenta itself. Current political, scientific, environmental and economic problem areas were addressed from the perspective of a holistic, non-anthropocentric world view.

After living in New York for almost six months, and only making a handful of friends, I knew that I either needed to find a way to make more friends , or a pre-established community to become a part of. I also knew that I wanted to pursue a community where I could find a lifting-buddy, swolemate, and person to geek out over flex-pictures with. Now was as good of a time as ever to give CrossFit a whirl.

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The dread in their voices was apparent, and their tales of the last time they did that very workout scared me. This see below three times: After the workout I learned that she too had just moved to the city for a job and was having a hard-time making friends post-college, but finally found a community when she became a member of ICE.

However, due to my experience with bodybuilder style weightlifting and the fact that the owner wanted to get me right into the mix as part of the application process, my first CrossFit class with with the alumni athletes. I was surprised by, impressed by, and grateful for the level of feedback the coach was able to give every person in the class.

Only when every person in the class could execute the moves successfully, did the clock start. I had run a marathon!

Villa Andante Apartmenthotel, Kassel, Germany

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About 15km northwest of Kassel you’ll find one of Germany’s best-preserved and most beautiful rococo palaces, built by Landgrave Wilhelm VIII as a leisure palace between and

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Gute Geschäfte Kassel

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