Gills, Slow

Gills, Slow

Lagoona Blue, both The Ditz but Lagoona is less crazy. Frankie Stein, most likeable and down to earth Jade: Draculaura, both have a thing for pink and black. Clawdeen, both Southern Belle types. Deuce, both have insane Totally Radical accents. Holt Hyde, one moment in love with Cloe and the next trying to kill the ninth Deuce of Lessex. Ghoulia, both ensemble darkhorses. Cleo De Nile, both feisty and slightly evil. Alternately, Cleo could be Meredith from The Movie.

List of Monster High characters

This is the main page, or the page for characters not introduced in specials. For the ones that were, click here. They may be cute, but the world they live in can get very treacherous. But as they’ve proven time and time again, they can handle it.

Cleo de Nile is a /introduced and all-around character. She is a mummy and a student at Monster High. She’s the queen bee at school, and the most popular girl, as her status as an undead Egyptian princess gives her relevancy over the others.

I have no specific genre but I do enjoy Anime more than other things. I enjoy shows that interests me, mostly that of the Mystery genre. I’ll post more things in the future. Currently working on a superhero series. Prom Night Hearts Jackson Jekyll smiled absentmindedly as he watched pairs of monsters dancing to an upbeat music on the dance floor. Well, he had a date; Toralei but they merely went as friends.

The werecat was dancing with her two friends on the dance floor, bumping into each other playfully.

Are You Really The Biggest Monster High Fan

If a Barbie doll is too fancy and a G. Joe is too tough, the world of pretend play still has the perfect answer: Along with video games and a television series, these toy teenage sons and daughters of fiction’s favorite monsters are a fun and spooky alternative to classic dolls and characters.

Jackson Jekyll (voiced by Cindy Robinson) is a normie boy at Monster High, and enjoys sports (particularly casketball) and video games. Jackson is the son of ” Dr. Jekyll “, though it’s unclear if this is his father, though in the books, Dr. Jekyll is his mother, Sydney Jekyll.

Lagoona currently lives with her father, the Sea Monster, but he wasn’t seen in the show, but he was mentioned. Lagoona’s mother is Australian, which is the reason why Lagoona has an Australian accent. Her mother died in a surfing accident when she and her sisters were toddlers. Lagoona has two younger sisters, Lagoonia and Sealena. Lagoona gets along with Sealena very well, and are very close. They rarely have any fights and arguments.

Lagoona’s other sister, Lagoonia, was first introduced as Tidal, Lagoona’s dark ‘clone’. Both Tidal and Lagoona didn’t seem to get along, until MH Movie , and started to become close, almost like sisters.

deuce gorgon

Mar 30, OpenBookSociety. Melody is still clueless as to how to help her schizophrenic boyfriend Jackson, who thanks to his psycho grandfather who had turned himself into Dr. Hyde complex, ends up turning into someone else when he gets too hot.

Spotting his beast friend on the dance floor with the Queen of Monster High itself, Jackson tried to suppress a laugh as he watched Deuce guiding Cleo every step of the dance. It was slightly funny to see the Gorgon try and drag the dependent Cleo around in a dance.

Edit Draculaura is a romantic-idealist who places a lot of value in finding the right one and maintaining a relationship that is ‘perfect’. Through it all, though, the spell was broken, the two have stayed strong together, and are more in love then ever, even sharing a kiss by the end of the movie. Prior to her dating Clawd, Draculaura has had interest in many guys. That is when Clawd offers to take her to the dance instead. Here is where we see the beginning of their budding romance.

In the earlier webisodes, she was also attracted to a mysterious student known only as the ” Perfect Guy ” in the webisode ” Horrorscope “. His face is never seen, and he seems to have been a character exclusive to that one episode. However, nothing came of this relationship due to Jackson forgetting all of their plans for evening dates. In her “School’s Out” diary, it is shown that she has developed feelings for Clawd Wolf, when he rescues her from a sudden downpour.

He drops her off at her doorstep, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek before quickly going inside, hinting at their relationship to come. She is described as often having make-up smears and smudges, because she can’t see her reflection, and is often wearing cashmere and spending her time in the steam room because she is always cold due to having no pulse.

Cry Chapter 1, a monster high fanfic

Yup this book turned out exactly how I thought it’d be. Extremely shallow but still rather cute. So this book starts out with Melody Carver and her family moving from California to Salem, Oregon because of her terrible asthma. She had also just gotten a nose job that apparently made her uber pretty, and yet she feels like a fraud. Switch to Frankie Stein.

She is also a new student at Merston High, and only 15 days old.

Did you know that Frankie is best friends with Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Abbey Bominable, Deuce Gorgon Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde and Cleo de Nile. Did you also know that Frankie has a pet, a dog hybrid named Watzit.

Edit Frankie is friendly, sweet, and polite with a clumsy streak. She is the most naive of all the girls; being so young, so she tries to learn all she can about the world through monster teen magazines, although their advice often cause awkward moments for her. Despite setbacks, she remains upbeat, hopeful and determined to find her place within Monster High.

Appearance Edit Despite being only a few days old, Frankie’s physical age is that of a fully-grown girl in her late teens. Also, despite been a monster made up of parts from different people, she has been created with a well-balanced, attractive body, unlike her father. It was originally styled with jagged streaks, and her fringe was pulled back over her head and pinned back with a hairclip, but was later changed so the streaks where more straight and natural-looking, and is now styled with a side fringe that covered her forehead, again held with a clip.

Frankie has visible stitches all over her body, most obviously near the joints of her limbs, around her neck, and across her right cheek.

Cleo de Nile

He is part human and part fire elemental , as his father is one. Jackson longed to be a monster until he discovered his alter-ego whom he now wars with. Believing himself to be fully human most of his life, he has grown up among monsters in a world where the two groups mutually dislike each other, causing him to be cautious and shy but not easily intimidated. As well as careful and kind, Jackson is a dedicated scientist and one of the best students at Monster High.

Hyde in the Monster High books.

Monster High is specifically noted as being attended by the children of FAMOUS monsters, and Grundy is the only really “famous” zombie. Virtually every zombie movie ever made has them occuring strictly in packs with no real identities.

The Young Writer’s Apprentice Frankie and Jackson get into a fight, who can confort the heartbroken girl? She just had a fight with Jackson, and he broke up with her. She couldn’t even remember what the fight was about, but lately there always was a lot of tension between the two of them. Frankie held back a sob, and realized that if she would reapply her mascara, she would ruin it again.

She closed her locker, and walked to the nurse office, her school day wasn’t over yet, but she was in the same class as Jackson in Home Ick, Clawculus and Math, and she couldn’t stand to see him. She thought about how angry Jackson was when she was listening to one of Holts remixes, strange, actually, they were the same person, but they seemed to be back to hating each other again. And that was what made her angry today. They both had promised her they would solve their issues together, but the fighting seemed to be even worse than before.

In the fight she told Jackson she didn’t want to go on like this.


They remarked that because the characters are monsters, they had more freedom to do things that ordinary kids could not do. We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion. Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone. July Six of the Monster High characters have been classified as Original Ghouls by the official website.

Frankie is the sweetest and kindest girl at Monster High, believing strongly that everyone’s flaws make them unique.

Girls, you can’t leave without trying out our impressive collection of Monster High games! Hurry up and join the coolest ghoul in school, Frankie Stein, and the crew to play some fun Monster High Games!

She is the daughter of Dr. Frankeinstein’s monster and his bride. Her pet is a puppy named Watzit. Frankie is very friendly and athletic, but has a clumsy streak, as her body parts tend to fly off. She is 15 years old, and is covered with fur, with two piercings in each of her wolf ears. She has a purple pet cat named Crescent.

She is confident, outgoing, friendly and fashionable. Her favorite colour is gold. She has a large family, including Clawd Wolf and Howleen Wolf Draculaura Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula, but she’s a vegan vampire and does not drink blood.

Jackson, Holt, and Frankie

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