She offers two staterooms, single head with enclosed shower, galley up and a slightly raised pilothouse. The current owners have customized the interior with Hunter Douglas cellular shades and additional teak cabinetry in the master stateroom, matching the original woodwork beautifully. She’s fully equipped with a six cylinder hp Cummins diesel engine, twin radars, auto pilot, inverter, generator, bow and stern thrusters, and more. All recently professionally serviced. She offers two staterooms, one head and a bright salon and galley with beautifulteak furnishings throughout. She’s powered by a hp Cummins diesel and also is equipped with an inverter, generator, heat – air conditioning and more. The owners have added some extra touches like custom cabinetry in the master stateroom, dual use Hunter Douglasshades in the salon, snap on – zip opening screens for the doors andfender storage built into the aft deck Nordic Tug Vessel Walkthrough Entering through the aft cockpitdoor, the galley is to starboard and the L-shaped seating – dining area is to port. Moving forward and three steps up is the pilothouse with helm, seating and door on starboard and navigator desk, seating and door to port.

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Less than a year ago, the boat went under a complete retrofit in the winter of – from top to bottom, left to right. It is beautiful, and in perfect shape, no nics or tears. It was professionally done and is the best wrap job I have ever seen. No bubbles or peeled up edges. It gets washed and wiped down after every use.

How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit A sub woofer or two in a vehicle can make the world of difference in listening to music. It is very important to match the RMS of your subs to your amp. You want an amp more powerful than your sub, because you don’t want your sub to clip. Clipping is the number one reason of bass distortion. Steps 1 Gather your equipment Amp, Subs, Stereo, and wiring.

If you’re using an after market head unit, go to an electronics store’s stereo department and ask for a wiring harness from your car to the after market head unit. If you have a Chevy and a Sony stereo go to them and tell them you need a Chevy to Sony wiring harness, they will ask you the year of the vehicle and then go pick it off the shelf, these are usually by the install department behind the counter.

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Al, some great tips and thanks for that, I asked you some time ago how to paint center white lines on roads, and what was the best method and tools. Black auto primer works great. Let it dry a day or two. Place the pinstriping tape down as the centerline. Do this on both sides of the striping tape and use acrylic yellow paint to cover those 2 uncovered black paths. If you want the single white line, just use the painters tape, and leave the gap width of the line you want.

Trim panel removal tool Step 1: Installing the 12v Power Wire In your amplifier wiring kit, generally a red in color wire is the longest one, which is the 12v power wire. You need to pass the wire through the firewall. Start from the battery and pass on to the amplifier. However, do not connect the wire to the amplifier or battery yet. Removing the Stock Stereo Remove the stock car radio from the dashboard of your car.

Make sure that you carefully remove the screws that hold the stereo in place ensuring that no wires are cut. Installing the Remote Wire Once you remove the stock stereo, you will see a blue and white wire, which is basically your remote wire.

Factory Microphone in Aftermarket deck

Since then, the list has grown and grown, as has the popularity of the page. Examination of the many designs reveals relationships between them. Cross-pollination has occurred when designers who viewed the page produced new boats incorporating features they saw here. What began as a passive collection has become an active inspiration. Ken Anslow records some interesting thoughts about creative cross-pollination and differing visions evoked by a writer’s words.

Read them on his blog.

When production is stopped from a well that is depleted and no longer capable of producing profitably. A wildcat well may also be abandoned after it has been determined that it will not produce. Treatment of oil-bearing limestone or carbonate formations with a solution of hydrochloric acid and other chemicals to increase production. The acid is forced under pressure into the formation where it enlarges the flow channels by dissolving the limestone.

The angle, in degrees, at which a well is deflected from the vertical by means of a whipstock or other deflecting tool. Arched stratified rock structure with layers dipping downward in opposite directions from the crest. The cutting or boring element used in drilling oil and gas wells. Uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other well fluids from a well during drilling due to formation pressure exceeding the pressure exerted by the column of drilling mud.

Hydraulically or mechanically actuated high-pressure valve installed at the wellhead to control pressure within the well. Act of unscrewing one section of pipe from another section, particularly when drill pipe is being withdrawn from the wellbore. When drilling crews start working eight-hour or twelve-hour shifts 24 hours a day. Prior to this time crews have been working only during daylight hours while rigging up.

Act of completing and brining a well into production.

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Since then, the list has grown and grown, as has the popularity of the page. Examination of the many designs reveals relationships between them. Cross-pollination has occurred when designers who viewed the page produced new boats incorporating features they saw here. What began as a passive collection has become an active inspiration.

Updated on September 27, By Ken Begg 18 Comments Upon viewing this assembly of stills from the climax one of them, anyway of Jaws: The Revenge, my esteemed colleague Dr. How could my humble efforts mock the film more effectively than the evidence provided above? Therefore, I present you, Gentle Reader, with this choice: Waste your time with my review Note: This article follows previous reviews for Jaws, Jaws 2 and Jaws 3-D.

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US Any combat hat that does not provide protection. A Boonie hat brig rat US Navy and Marines Describes a sailor or Marine who often frequents the brig military jail , typically as a prisoner. US Air Force Anything that is broken or needing repair or maintenance. Used in the similar sense that you mop with a mop, hence, you broom with a broom. When the Air Force became independent, ‘black’ shoes replaced the ‘brown’ shoes worn by the Army at that time.

US Navy Things and people related to the naval aviation community.

Boss Audio is an American company too, which helped ease my mind. Anyways it came packaged up as any brand new product. All wiring is labeled so you know what is what BUT it will not tell you what the wires are for your specific vehicle, that’s up to you to find out. Also, you must know how to install these units. I feel that so many negative reviews are from people that are not educated in vehicle electronics and wiring.

The newer your vehicle the harder it probably will be to install and The less experience you have, the harder it will be to install. One review on here stated that on Chevy trucks the screen will interfere with the shift lever in the Park position. This is true on my Suburban, but it is nobodies fault and what I would call an undesirable characteristic. The screen stops itself if anything interferes with its operation. I try and stay aware and make sure it’s closed before exiting the vehicle.

It opens just fine, just gets caught up on the lever in the PARK position when the screen is folding in to close. All in all, this is a great little unit that packs a lot of features and sounds amazing. My suburban had aftermarket audio and video installed when it was new.

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Non-stop action, and a cut above some of the others. Lots of unsavory groups of maniacs, assault, Neo Nazis, and sexy Sabrina Siani add to the fun. See what you need to do when the bombs drop! Super Neat helpful hints that may just save your life! Pretty funny stuff, lots of filmed demonstrations. It’s a wonderful world.

Or do i need that tacotunes equalizer thing? In my head its like I also thought of I never use my Aux cable. I wouldnt need the car to play if the bed is playing too.. Sounds a bit complicated and I’m not sure it’s worth it. But yes, you have it right for the most part. You use the harness on the back of the head unit and run the leads to the amp you want to supply power to your bed speakers.

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Whether it’s an installation that might not have gone as planned, or a random problem that comes out of nowhere. Here is a list of your common car stereo problems, symptoms and solutions to help get your stereo up and running! Many Jeeps and Chevrolet systems have a data signal wire that carries a very low voltage signal that tells the OEM Head Unit when to turn on, however; it is not compatible with aftermarket units.

Navy, and more specifically, its enormously expensive aircraft carrier battle groups. During the exercise, a Canadian submarine slipped quietly through a carrier’s destroyer screen, and conducted a devastating simulated torpedo attack on the ship. The submarine was never detected, and when the exercise umpire, a U. Navy officer, pronounced the carrier dead, his official report was promptly stamped classified to minimize the potential fallout.

Unfortunately, a Canadian submariner leaked the story to a local newspaper, and indicated that this successful Canadian attack on an American supercarrier was by no means an isolated incident. This news caused quite a stir in Congress, and the U. Navy had a lot of explaining to do.

HOW TO: Install Subwoofer w/ Factory Radio

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